Digital or analogue? Neither!

Die Zukunft von Messen. Digital oder Analog?

What does it look like – the future of trade fairs?
Is it digital or analogue? Neither!
This is at least the conclusion of Roland Kümin in his exciting article about his visit to the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2023 in Las Vegas.
“Neither” is the answer to the question of what the future of trade fairs and events should look like: Digital + Analog is the future.
I fully agree with that!

If you want to read the article, you can find it here.

Of course, Fairsnext has the right answer to the question: Hybrid is the keyword and the future of trade fairs.

What is a digital trade fair?

Hybride Messe - Illustration

Trade fairs, conferences and events are caused by  shifts the  pandemic online, goes online . But does that mean they are “digital” or even “virtual”? We  To try  to explain the differences between the new trade fair formats . 


The Online Fair 

By definition, the  Online trade fair, a Trade fairs  on the Internet Zuhause, quite Regardless of  whether these one- takes place in two or three dimensions.  It is the cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the classic face-to-face trade fair.  

The digital trade fair 

The digitization of trade fairs is in vogue. Klasse trade fairs will be From the physical to the digital space. However, digital trade fairs will not depicted in any virtual space, but point out website-like structures. 360-degree product shots can also be part of a digital trade fair.  

The virtual trade fair 

Something seems real, but it is not. The 3-D trade fair experience distinguishes this trade fair.  One– or two-dimensional concepts that depict website-like   structure and the corresponding look are digital, but by no means virtual.  Compared to a zoom call. The does not  findin a virtual space  but at Real Participants at home, for example without virtual tables or chairs in the fictitious Meeting roomThe booth in the exhibition hall on  of the platform  Fairsnext , however, is virtual.  The booth looks  like a deceptively real, real booth, but it only exists  on the platform, nobody can touch it in real life, so it’s virtual.     


The boundaries in the digital space are becoming increasingly blurred, which is why a clear definition is often still difficult. Nevertheless, it is possible to name certain qualities and characteristics of the various trade fair software providers in order to better differentiate the diverse offers from each other. Trade fair organisers of digital trade fair formats should therefore first compare the features and functions offered by the digital or virtual trade fair platforms. In the next step, the trade fair tool should fit the target group. The virtual space offers a clear advantage when it comes to sustainable learning effects and the experience factor in 3-D. Above all, elements of virtual reality and augmented reality enliven the so-called “extended (show) rooms” and can thus also endure as an extension of present masses in the hybrid context. A mixture of old and new, makes the appeal and also contributes to a green and environmentally friendly fair and ecological footprint.

Hybrid trade fair – A permanent alternative for exhibitors


The Fairsnext trade fair companion as a digital companion for hybrid trade fair formats.

The pandemic has brought the classic trade fair as we canbring it to a standstill. A new perspective is hybrid trade fairs. So far, thenumber of events as a kind of substitute. Current Hybrid trade fair concepts in particular will be used as an extension of physical trade fair respected. This is also confirmed by a survey by AUMA. It states that almost 48% of members will rely on real trade fairs in the future, but would also like to use digital supplements.

Th e trade fair hybrid?

Our mobile trade fair companion makes it possible.

messat the physical part of the event, no problem. With the Companion trade fair, companies can participate in a hybrid

trade fair purely virtually.

Information to new products can with the mobileen Interface mediates as well as Kundenkontakte be linked and maintained. Also, one Virtualr Booth as an extension with the concept of mobilen Interface linked become. The idea of a digital trade fair stand in the form of an i-frame as an integration on the company’s own website enables exhibitors to present their interested parties as well as to invite visitors of the fair to your personal online presence. This also works for pure in-house exhibitions.

unique combination, which Fairsnext has developed with the trade fair company, represents a problem solver for the German trade fair industry. Above all, aalso from the point of view of internationality. Through Our Trade fair Companion and the virtual extension of the booth in 3D can The international Trade fair hub Germany future be preserved. Another plus is that companiess-Websites by staying longer on the 3D-enriched Web Page, be rated positively by Google –Double Win-win.

The figures of the AUMA survey on this topic also show that around 21% of companies in the virtual trade fair appearances also permanently as a serious alternative and not just as a pure replacement for the classic trade fair. look at. Our view is that the future of the trade fairworld is clearly hybrid.